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Our Approach

The Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM) are leading many districts to seek support to help their students meet these different and higher expectations. While “unpacking” the standards or “aligning” curriculum may help establish a basic level of understanding, preparing mathematically proficient students may require districts to embark on a transformation of current classroom instruction — every day.

MCMI aims to change the way that mathematics is taught and learned by building teachers’ knowledge and their capacity to put it into practice.  We collaborate with diverse stakeholders on structures, policies, and culture that lead to sustainable improvement, and help districts achieve results for their students through five big ideas:

  • Focusing on student thinking and learning, with rich tasks and formative assessment
  • Building teacher capacity, attending to content knowledge, resources, and practice
  • Enabling effective instruction through structures, policies, and supervision
  • Promoting collaboration to support reflection, growth, and sustainability
  • Developing school or district infrastructure — including support for instructional leaders — to develop and sustain first-rate mathematics programs

By engaging all stakeholders; helping develop a common vision; and building teacher capacity, informed instructional leadership, and productive collaboration; we’ve helped districts improve student learning since 2010. We invite you to work together with us.