Developing Teacher Knowledge and Capacity

|Developing Teacher Knowledge and Capacity
Developing Teacher Knowledge and Capacity 2021-07-16T10:55:00-05:00

The professional development is designed to provide opportunities for teachers to explore problems of practice and provide high-quality experiences for students by:

  • Building a collaborative professional community of reflective mathematics teachers;
  • Developing teachers’ understanding of what it means to provide equitable access to a wide variety of learners;
  • Enhancing participants’ abilities to use high-quality mathematics tasks to engage in formative assessment processes and support the development of students’ robust understanding of mathematics;
  • Expanding participants’ vision of mathematics teaching and strengthen teacher content and pedagogical content knowledge; 
  • Deepening teachers’ understanding of Mathematics by promoting the Mathematical Content and Practices within and across grade levels.

Visit K–8 PD Series, Virtual Book Studies, Elementary Math Specialist Institutes, or Special Events for more information about this year’s Developing Teacher Knowledge and Capacity offerings.