Featured Speaker Spotlight

||Featured Speaker Spotlight

Featured Speaker Spotlight

We are thrilled to welcome Professor Deborah Loewenberg Ball and Professor Maisie Gholson from the University of Michigan as our featured speakers on July 27, 2021, at the MCMI Summer Institute—Moving the Math Forward: Communicating and Connecting in the Mathematics Classrooms

Session Description

Authoring Post-pandemic Mathematics Futures: Learning New Storylines of Black Children’s Mathematics Experiences

The pandemic has reinforced the dominance of deeply-rooted deficit narratives about Black children and families––naming them as behind, struggling, and suffering learning “loss.” In this session, participants will engage in pedagogical practices of imagination, learning how to break with pervasive and persistent racial narratives. Grounded in classroom cases, the session is designed to construct together new storylines about Black children’s experiences and resources, to notice the power of these new storylines, and to use them in seeing, understanding, and relating to students as a new school year approaches.

Learn more about all our session choices at https://mcmi.uic.edu/summer-institute/.

Registration is available on Eventbrite.

Registration is FREE to all administrators and to teachers from schools or districts engaging in services with MCMI for the 2021–2022, and available for a fee to all non-MCMI Participants. Please verify your MCMI status and ensure that you have district approval prior to registering.

Please contact Jean Goldrich (sutow@uic.edu) with any questions.

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