High-Quality Task Framework

||High-Quality Task Framework

High-Quality Task Framework

Coach: Joanne Baker

Grade band: K–8

This High-Quality Task Framework was developed to use as a tool to have a common language across a K–8 district to identify and discuss what is a High-Quality task. 

High-Quality Task Framework 

  1. Requires students to explore and understand the nature of mathematical concepts, processes, or relationships. 
  2. Requires students to access relevant knowledge and experience, and make appropriate use of them in working through the task.
  3. There is no implied or prescribed way of completing the task.
    For example, one or more of these may apply: 
    • May provide multiple access points for students.
    • May allow for possible multiple strategies.
    • May allow for possible multiple solutions 
    • May allow for differing rationale, justifications, and viable arguments.

NOTE: Separating what a teacher does during implementation from what is inherent in the task can be really challenging. For this analysis, we want to separate the implementation from the task.

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