MCMI Coaches are Presenting at NCTM

||MCMI Coaches are Presenting at NCTM

MCMI Coaches are Presenting at NCTM

A number of our MCMI coaches will be presenting at the NCTM conference in Chicago, November 29–December 1. Check out their session descriptions below. There’s still time to register.

Coaching Practices to Build a Dynamic Learning Culture
Presented by Anne Agostinelli, Joanne Baker, Margie Pligge, and Nancy Mueller

How do coaches build effective relationships with teachers to promote high quality mathematics instruction? Presenters will share tools and structures they have used in over 30 school districts in the Chicago land area. We will highlight methods that advance generative reflection and discussions aimed at improving student engagement and learning.

Developing Meaning by Connecting Multiple Strategies
Presented by Jennifer Leimberer

Students may have multiple strategies, but do they understand how various strategies relate or know when using each is best and most efficient? Learn how to support students in making connections among multiple addition and subtraction strategies so they become flexible, strategic problem solvers.

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