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||Meet Our Speakers

Meet Our Speakers

As the MCMI team is busy planning for our 2019 Summer Institute, Access for All: Energizing Mathematical Minds, we wanted to take a moment to share a little information about some of our sessions. Learn more about our featured speakers, David Foster and Cecilio Dimas, and guest presenter Michelle Rabkin. Visit for more information about all our session choices and to reserve your choice slot selections.

David Foster, Executive Director/Founder of the Silicon Valley Mathematics Initiative  
Social Justice: Equitable Access and High Expectations
Closing the mathematics achievement gap for underserved students has been a major goal of K–12 education for several decades. This presentation will share recent research from TRU math, SCALE Language Routines from Stanford University, NCSM/TODOS Social Justice Agenda, and Studies of De-tracking Policies and Data of SFUSD. Participants will engage with all these tools and studies, view videos and discuss action plans to implement back in classrooms, schools and districts.  

Cecilio Dimas, Partner and Director of Innovation & Strategy of the Silicon Valley Mathematics Initiative  
Leveraging Language in Mathematics to Open Minds & Hearts
In Leveraging Language in Mathematics to Open Minds & Hearts, participants will engage in Math Language Routines anchored in a progression of mathematics through the use of multiple performance tasks. Participants will engage in discussions to surface how the routines are effective and practical for simultaneously learning mathematical practices, content, and language. Additionally, participants will analyze the power of utilizing the relationship between language and math as a source to shift and change mindset and expand identity to include mathematics. Participants will leave with a set of routines and performance tasks, as well as guidelines about how to implement a student-driven and cognitively-guided performance task experience.  

Michelle Rabkin, Vice President of Education at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum  
Is it Real? Connecting Learning In-and-Out of School Through Museum-School Partnerships
Learn how to leverage local museums and their resources to create partnerships that inspire curiosity, deepen learning for all students, and build personal connections to STEM topics. This session will explore instructional strategies and museum resources that can be used to put learners at the center of culturally responsive instruction.  
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