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Coaching can help teachers effectively transfer their professional learning into daily practice.

“Teachers have embraced the initiative… they want to learn more and are excited to try new things in the classroom.”
— Principal

“Teachers and administrators have developed a better understanding of quality teaching of mathematics.”
— Principal

“[With this initiative] math… went from a weak area to the strongest department in the school.”
— District Administrator

Mathematics instructional and leadership coaching can help administrators and teachers effectively transfer their professional learning into daily practice to enable students to meet the higher expectations of the CCSSM. Coaches support administrators and teachers as they use project strategies and resources and apply their learning in their classrooms and schools.

Our coaches have deep expertise supporting mathematics teaching and learning, developed through years of experience and their collaboration with university colleagues. Their work with multiple districts designing and facilitating professional development builds their expertise and their capacity to support each district’s improvement.

By providing sustained, ongoing, strategic support, pedagogical content coaching — focused on improving student thinking and learning — builds teachers’ understanding and capacity, and supports high-quality mathematics instruction. Coaching can help teachers effectively transfer professional learning into daily practice, and help ensure that change “sticks.”

Districts’ varied contexts and priorities mean varied forms of coaching are appropriate. As well as working with individual teachers, MCMI coaches can support mathematics improvement by:

  • Guiding and developing teacher teams;
  • Collaborating with administrators to help them lead and supervise for improvement;
  • Helping to build the capacity of internal coaches;
  • Supporting district leadership with mathematics improvement by advising on goals and strategies, consulting on policies and structures, or informing district professional development plans by applying their expertise and knowledge of district context.

MCMI coaching provides the greatest benefit with long-term, planned support. A coach can provide guidance to district leadership. Districts participating in the MCMI PD Consortium receive priority and a discounted rate for coaching.

We look forward to supporting you in the ongoing process of mathematics improvement.

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“[Y]ou would have LOVED 7th period today… in the last few minutes of class the kids had to figure out if the remainder in 14 divided by 3/4 was 2/4 or 2/3 (it was hard to see!), and I literally just stepped back because one student came up to explain it visually to the group and individuals asked questions and discussed….  It was exciting — real teaching and learning!”

—6th Grade Teacher to MCMI Coach

“Thanks so much for sharing your expertise and really lowering the anxiety factor for all of us today. The teachers commented to me that they have a clear sense of direction now and feel really supported in their efforts.”

—An Administrator re Coaching