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Session 1: MCMI: Core Practices, Routines, and Resources*
This session is designed for teachers in their first year participating in MCMI and will help build a foundation with research-informed strategies that are critical in a student-centered classroom. Through experiences with project-based tools to support high-quality instruction, participating teachers will be able to apply effective practices in their own classrooms to promote the Standards for Mathematical Practice. Participants will engage in problem solving and explore its key role in student learning, learn the structure of the formative assessment cycle, and see ways to help students develop a growth mindset about mathematics.

Session 2: Developing and Maintaining Number Sense
How do we get our students to pay attention to the quantities while confidently engaging in problem solving situations? Participants will analyze and discuss common practices and pitfalls they encounter when developing students’ number sense and use of operations and number sense as they seek to find ways to make explicit connections between representations, reasoning, and the problem context. We will focus on finding ways to build on what students already know and continuously attend to numeracy and mental math development while teaching other content.

Session 3: Eliciting and Using Evidence of Student Thinking 
Teachers will analyze student work and explore ways to use that evidence to make decisions, re-engage students in the analysis of their work, address misconceptions and connections across representations, and assess progress toward mathematical understanding. They will explore minute-to-minute and day-to-day techniques for identifying and sharing goals, providing and structuring feedback, and orchestrating opportunities for students to take ownership of their learning. Participants will be asked to bring a sample set of student work to this session that will be analyzed and used to plan a follow-up lesson. Teachers will have an opportunity to utilize Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI) in practice.

Session 4: Problem Solving and Supporting Productive Struggle
Creating a classroom environment while promoting productive struggle is a challenge for all teachers.  In this session, we will analyze the art of using “productive scaffolding” (i.e., structures, tools, norms, and questioning techniques that engage students and keep them from drowning in a hard problem), and discern what makes for “unproductive” scaffolding practices that inadvertently weaken students’ problem-solving muscles. Participants will engage in fun mathematical problems across the math domains as they consider important problems of practice around student reasoning, processing, and sense-making.

Session 5: Retaining and Owning the Learning
A nearly universal complaint among teachers is that students don’t retain their learning as much as we would like. What strategies actually help to improve retention from lesson to lesson, unit to unit, and beyond the current grade? How much and what kind of practice really benefits students, and where and when should it take place? In this session, we will visit the research around these issues and consider how classroom structures and routines including homework, discussions, classwork, distributed practice, and formative assessment practices build lasting memories of important mathematics.


Sessions begin promptly at 8:30 am and end at 3:30 pm. Lunch will be provided.

Prior to each session, registered participants will receive an email reminder containing directions and information about artifacts to bring to the workshop. Please note that sessions without a minimum number of registrants may be cancelled.



West 40 Intermediate Service Center: 4413 Roosevelt Road, Suite 104, Hillside, IL 60162

SCISC (South Cook Intermediate Service Center): 253 West Joe Orr Road, Chicago Heights, IL 60411

UIC: 1240 West Harrison; Suite 1535, Chicago, IL 60607



We recommend that teachers register for the sessions they are most interested in for the entire school year. You must register for each session. Here are the grade band registration links:




Please contact Lauren Mozen at lmozen2@uic.edu or at 312-413-1733 with any questions.