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Teacher PD 2020-12-16T09:51:58-06:00

Session 1: Core Practices, Routines, and Resources
This session is designed for new participants as well as experienced participants wishing to refresh or re-think core practices and routines in a virtual learning environment that include problem solving, Math Talks, MARS tasks, and Formative Assessment Lessons. These experiences will build a foundation in research-informed strategies that are critical in student-centered classrooms. 

Session 2: Engineering Tasks and Activities that Promote Collaboration
Participants will explore ways to promote collaboration and collective problem solving among students. They will engage in rich problem-solving tasks and explore strategies to promote discourse in collaborative settings. Such learning environments promote student agency and provide students with authentic feedback.

Session 3: Clarifying, Focusing, and Sharing Learning Intentions
The current situation demands clarity and focus. Teachers will think carefully about what they want students to learn and explore ways to share those learning intentions with their students. Participants will also work on prioritizing and integrating the content standards for the grade levels they teach.

Session 4: Eliciting Evidence of Learning
Participants will explore ways to generate evidence of student reasoning and aspects of understanding that they are developing. Teachers will also explore questioning strategies that assess student understanding as well as advance student agency.

Session 5: Providing Feedback that Moves Learning Forward
Participants will explore the outcomes and effects of different kinds of feedback and engage in a variety of techniques that can be used to harness the power of feedback to improve learning.

Session 6: Activating Students as Learning Resources for One Another
Learning is social. Teachers will consider ways to leverage the expertise and insights of other students. Feedback prompts and techniques will be shared to promote student-to-student discourse and reflection.

Session 7: Activating Students as Owners of Their Own Learning
Participants will explore ways to foster student agency. They will explore techniques and projects to motivate students to take ownership of their own learning.

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