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A focus on student learning drives our work. We build teachers’ knowledge of mathematics, and their ability to use student thinking to inform their instruction, and then help them put this knowledge into practice to engage students deeply in important mathematics.

Our Approach

We aim to change the way that mathematics is taught and learned in every classroom, for every student. By building teachers’ knowledge, and their capacity to put it into practice, we help districts achieve sustainable mathematics improvement and prepare mathematically proficient students.

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PD Consortium

Through a regional collaboration, the mathematics professional development consortium model allows districts to benefit from comprehensive and coherent services from an expert team, as well as problem-solving with colleagues, for an amazingly affordable single annual fee.

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MCMI is comprised of a  team of educators, coaches, and researchers from the University of Illinois at Chicago’s Learning Sciences Research Institute with  decades of experience in mathematics education. We have diverse experience working with teachers, administrators, and other stakeholders on issues of instruction, supervision, curriculum, assessment and more. Learn more about our team and our approach to professional development, our current projects, and how we can serve and meet the needs of your school district.