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Our team has decades of experience in mathematics education helping students achieve, coaching educators to reflect and grow, facilitating effective professional development, and guiding district and school leaders. Please explore our current services (Professional Development Consortium, Coaching, Custom Supports) and Projects to see how we can work together to best meet your needs.

We are currently planning and accepting districts for the 2021–2021 school year.

All new and returning districts interested in participating in our PD consortium or receiving Specialized Services for the 2021–2022 school year are invited to contact us for more information.

Testimonials: What are MCMI Participants Saying in their PD Reflections?

“This session enables participants to get to some root causes of our students’ struggles with reading for meaning in mathematics. Pointing these out and having conversations about them will enable me to assist our teachers to more effectively aid our students to read for meaning in mathematics in an effective way.” —Administrator

“I got to experience and enjoy numerous activities that can be built upon! More of this please! Great job!” —Teacher

“I truly enjoyed your session. I thought I was going to “check out” mentally but never did. I expected to be drained/overwhelmed but I wasn’t! I gained a lot! Thanks!” —Teacher

“I believe this was a wonderful PD class. I really enjoyed it & feel as if I can improve students’ math skills and conceptual development of math.” —Teacher

“I felt like everything was very clear and easy to understand and apply…I will be using the techniques and strategies we talked about today to improve my mathematics lessons.” —Teacher

“All of this info has opened up my understanding about math. Thank you. I have learned so much in order to help my students understand and break down questions.” —Teacher