the Math Pact Virtual Book Study Week 1

On November 7th from 4:00–5:00 pm CST we will be discussing the Preface and Chapters 1–2 from the Math Pact: Achieving Instructional Coherence Within and Across Grades by Karen S. Karp, Barbara J. Dougherty, and Sarah B. Bush. Here is a link to the pacing guide and discussion prompts. 

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October Themed Math

Caption: Jack-o-lantern graphing activity
Looking for some Halloween fun for your math classes this week? Here are some spook-tacular ideas to get you started!

1. This pumpkin carving Desmos activity is pretty fun!
2. These Estimation 180 prompts are great. Just pop them up and ask students to estimate. Make it even more interesting by asking for the highest and lowest they would go… the smaller the range, the more confident they are. Or here it is in Desmos.
3. Show a graph or image from here and ask, “What do you notice? What do you wonder?”
4. Scary Sierpinski Skull Time from Vi Hart (video not for our littlest mathematicians)
5. Jack-o-Lantern Combinations
6. Some CGI Halloween-themed problems from MCMI Coach, Margie Pligge
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Congratulations Joanne Baker on STEM Award!

Congratulations to MCMI Coach Joanne Baker on receiving the Philip Wagreich STEM Education Award from the Learning Sciences Research Institute at University of Illinois at Chicago. This award recognizes an individual’s contributions to the improvement of STEM education through scholarship and service. 

Joanne’s exceptional ability to establish and nurture positive relationships with both administrators and teachers has enabled her to affect changes in their practice and structures. For almost three decades, Joanne has been a catalyst for change in mathematics education.

Joanne started out as a classroom teacher when she herself was barely older than her students. Joanne began at UIC as a Program Associate in the All Learn Mathematics Project supporting Chicago Public School teachers who were working to change their instruction through the implementation of the Maneuvers with Mathematics materials developed at UIC. It was clear in her initial work piloting the materials in her own classrooms that she had an exceptional ability to establish and nurture positive relationships with both administrators and teachers, so that she was welcomed into the schools and classrooms and able to affect changes in their practice.

Joanne co-directed the All Learn Mathematics Project as the project expanded to work with teachers using Connected Mathematics and other elementary resources. Building on these experiences, Joanne directed the Cluster 4 Middle Grade Mathematics Project, a collaboration with Chicago Public schools focused on improving instruction at the middle grades. She served as a coach and co-director for the Middle Grade Mathematics Alternative Certification Program, which was designed to meet the need for highly-qualified teachers in the Chicago Public Schools. Not only did she facilitate courses in this program, but she mentored teachers who were transitioning from fields outside of education and beginning careers teaching mathematics.

Joanne coordinated the implementation of university course offerings for the Suburban Cook County Mathematics Initiative, serving as a liaison between the Office of Continuing Education, the Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science, the Initiative, and the teachers participating in the courses. Her personal contacts with the key stakeholders were essential in teacher recruitment efforts and resulted in more than 60 middle grade mathematics endorsements for teachers in west and south Cook County.

As a key member of the MCMI project team, Joanne engages in ongoing problem solving when issues and dilemmas arise and uses her expertise to support other members of the team. She continues to design and provide professional development at the district and school levels, and works with teachers in grade level teams and on an ongoing basis in their classrooms. 

We are so honored to have Joanne on our team and thrilled to see her work recognized with the Philip Wagreich STEM Education Award. Congratulations, Joanne!

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Four 4’s

Coach: Jenesis Byrne

District: West 40

Grade band: 6–8

Four 4’s—How many different ways can you make each number using four 4’s?

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High-Quality Task Framework

Coach: Joanne Baker

Grade band: K–8

This High-Quality Task Framework was developed to use as a tool to have a common language across a K–8 district to identify and discuss what is a High-Quality task. 

High-Quality Task Framework 

  1. Requires students to explore and understand the nature of mathematical concepts, processes, or relationships. 
  2. Requires students to access relevant knowledge and experience, and make appropriate use of them in working through the task.
  3. There is no implied or prescribed way of completing the task.
    For example, one or more of these may apply: 
    • May provide multiple access points for students.
    • May allow for possible multiple strategies.
    • May allow for possible multiple solutions 
    • May allow for differing rationale, justifications, and viable arguments.

NOTE: Separating what a teacher does during implementation from what is inherent in the task can be really challenging. For this analysis, we want to separate the implementation from the task.

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Open Middle Problem – Students’ Response

Coach: Farah Mahimwalla

District: Big Shoulders Fund (BSF) School

Grade band: 6th

Students’ responses to an Open Middle problem. Students were motivated, engaged, and worked with their partners to find as many solutions as possible.

Open Middle Prompt:

Students’ Responses (March 2022):

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Choosing to See Virtual Book Study Week 1

Choosing 2 See MCMI Virtual Book Study Week 1 Flier

On September 12th from 4:00–5:00 pm CST we will be discussing the Introduction and Chapter 1 from Choosing to See: A Framework for Equity in the Math Classroom by Pamela Seda and Kyndall Brown. Here is a link to the pacing guide and discussion prompts. 

Visit for more information.

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